Loughborough University have appointed new senior industrial engineers to their teaching staff.

Martin will be joining the School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering and provide the students with over 40 years research experience from the electronics industry.

He is looking forward to working on developments on Innovative electronics with the University and their students.



Circular economy designs for batteries to be delivered by the VALUABLE project

The research and fundamental idea behind the STOWURC project has lead Env Aqua Solutions to get the Outstanding Environmental Contributions Award from the Surface Engineering Association.

The team were invited to attend the SEAs Awards night, where they had been nominated for the environmental award.

The team were utilising waste crab shells from the fishing industry to recover metals from manufacturing waste such as plating shops and printed circuit board manufacturers.

The concept is a synergistic approach, where one industries waste is used to treat another industries waste.

The potential for utilising crab shells is a global opportunity, not only for waste treatment but for many other products and applications.