Electronics & Sustainable Manufacturing

Over 30 years experience in the Electronics Industry:

  • Design for Re-manufacturing and Reuse
  • Manufacturing Site Audits
  • WEEE and Recycling
  • Best Practice
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • UK & EU Regulations
  • Circular Economy
  • Waste Treatment

Design & implementation of processes for handling waste materials, reducing associated costs and recovering valuable and limited resources from waste.

The development of systems handling and processing PCB effluent, UEEE & WEEE, pre and post electronic waste, and both organic and inorganic materials. The company is committed to stirring design and implementation of new markets to a circular economy and cradle to cradle.

Project Management

MTG Research has been project managing for over a decade with a variety of UK and International consortia consisting of SMEs, industry, academia, and governments. The company has had a vast array of numerous successful UK and EU proposals, and can assist with proposal production and management for any project.