MTG Research Ltd was founded in 2003 and offers a wide range of electronics manufacturing business management & environmental consultancy services, both in the UK & internationally.

MTG Research offers many services aimed at providing the very best management, implementation, and expertise for new projects and ideas at the forefront of their industries. The company is well established to handle circular economy, critical raw material and many other themed projects within the EU and internationally.


Over 30 years experience in the Electronics Industry:
+ Design fabrication   + Best practice 
+ Site audits + EU regulations   
+ WEEE and recycling + Factories of the future
 + Circular economy  + Life cycle assessment  
 + Waste Treatment 

Waste Materials
Design & implementation of processes for handling waste materials, reducing associated costs and recovering valuable and limited resources from waste.
The development of systems handling and processing PCB effluent, UEEE & WEEE, pre and post electronic waste, and both organic and inorganic materials. The company is committed to stirring design and implementation of new markets to a circular economy and cradle to cradle.

Project Management
MTG Research has been project managing for over a decade with a variety of UK and International consortia consisting of SMEs, industry, academia, and governments. The company has had a vast array of numerous successful UK and EU proposals, and can assist with proposal production and management for any project.

Manufacturing Advanced Coatings for Future Electronic SysTems
Electronics are developing quickly and challenges faced by printed circuit board manufacturers arise from, production capabilities, reliability and critical applications, and legislative requirements (REACH and RoHS).  To develop PCBs of the future electronic fabricating companies are looking to reduce weight, increase component density on a board and develop more reliable products for critical applications (operation in human body, aeroplanes etc., where failure could cause loss of life).  MACFEST is developing solderable coatings that eliminates issues such as black pad, with the use of green chemistry.  The coatings indicate that they can be more consistent (fewer voids or black pad occurrences) and can produce thinner coatings, but meet all IPC operational standards.

Portable Solar  Electricity Supplies Using Recovered Batteries              

The PESRUB project has just begun and seeks to develop re-manufacturing technology from University of Oxford.  The idea is to recover batteries from waste and use them to produce sustainable power supplies for use off grid in the UK and developing nations. The concept could provide cheap energy for many who have no consistent supply.  This may enable children to study at night, phones to be charged, small electronic equipment and lighting to be operated.